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Stud Earrings
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Spiral Motif Sterling Silver Stud Earrings from Thailand Rope Cyclones NO67512533
Details Two dark cyclones adorn the ears, crafted of sterling silver rope motifs fo..
$72.76 $19.10
Handcrafted Sterling Silver Sombrero Motif Stud Earrings Olé NO81854224
Details Maria Belen Nilson of Mexico designs these handcrafted sterling silver stud..
$66.26 $38.43
Abstract Carnelian Stud Earrings Crafted in India Abstract Delight NO84867818
Details Delightfully abstract, these stud earrings from India are the design of Arv..
$66.15 $19.62
Cultured Pearl and Gold Plated Sterling Silver Stud Earrings Dainty Flower NO76784734
Details Dainty petals of 22 karat gold plated sterling silver peek out from behind ..
$70.26 $40.66
Sterling Silver Elephant Stud Earrings from Thailand Elephant Trumpet NO28625878
Details Raising their trunks in a majestic trumpet, two elephants are crafted of st..
$53.75 $19.78
Fair Trade Infinity Symbol Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver Infinite Style NO23316642
Details Highly polished sterling silver takes the shape of the infinity symbol in t..
$67.78 $19.22
Thai Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings 18k Gold Plated Posts Thai Full Moon NO82562412
Details Evoking the luster of a full moon, these pearl earrings display a natural g..
$55.05 $22.13
Rhodium Plated Amethyst Heart Shaped Stud Earrings Lavender Hearts NO16673245
Details Elegant hearts are crafted of sterling silver bathed in shining rhodium, ad..
$121.66 $72.08
Brushed Silver Earrings in House Shape from Thai Artisan Home Sweet Home NO83736212
Details There's really no place like home, and now you can take it with you in the ..
$52.06 $19.09
Sterling Silver Praying Mantis Stud Earrings from Thailand Praying Mantis NO45167314
Details Crafted of sterling silver with a brushed-satin finish, a praying mantis ex..
$72.13 $20.91
Sterling Silver Composite Turquoise Stud Earrings Cool Aqua Radiance NO64254852
Details Enveloped in an argent twist, cool aqua gemstones reveal warm, coppery vein..
$71.38 $31.03
Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver and Peridot Thai Earrings Cyclones NO41171617
Details Whirling like cyclones, petite ribbons of rhodium-plated sterling silver en..
$84.98 $44.45
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